Episode 32 Topics:

Music News: Kiss, SOAD, Hellyeah, Slipknot, Butcher Babies, Tool, Killswitch Engage, Dunable Guitars,  more


Various headlines

New Guitar Day - 

2020 race - what needs to be discussed

Voicemail Hotline

see ya next week




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It's all in the hips. 


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Ep. 30 - I'm sick as hell y'all. Barely got this edited. 

Enjoy the episode, hope to see ya soon. 


Some topics i recall - 

Bob's on a new Galaxy

Myspace looses 50M songs

Slipknot litigation

Phil Anselmo denied

Lollapalooza 2019 


SF Thrash Documentary

Erasing Family Documentary

AirPods 2 

Tucker Carlson

Google Stadia

Hypersonic Weaponry

SM3B2a Missiles

Some stuff I forgot to remember







Ep. 29 Bonus


0:00 - College admissions scandal discussion

6:10 - UFO stories, Whistleblower ratings 1-10

29:20 - Rh Neg blood 

30:57 - Knock that sh*t off! x2


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This week we are joined by special guests Nick the Rookie and General Chang. We ONLY recorded audio this week while our studio undergoes remodeling. 


The filters are off this week so NSFW and not good around kids. Be warned. 



0:00 - Intro and CBD Oil 

29:31- StainD 2020?

31.06- Hellyeah’s New Track

33:43 - Rude Tool announcement

35:26 - RHCP

37:22 - Spotify and Apple

39:09 - Playing Ball

42:58 - bob’s stupid jokes

44:06 - From DNA to Derailment


Part 2 coming soon… 

Bob and Derek discuss: (probably not in this order)

Music News

Hunting Bin Laden

CERN - are things different?

2020 Races

New Phone Day

Prove Me Wrong (New segment)

Knock That.... off!

more complaints

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Language Warning - NSFW or Kids. 

This isn't our typical episode, just some extras from Episode 27 that didn't fit in the actual episode. We discuss: 

  • DO NOT ATTEMPT (wasn't planning on it)
  • Cancer cure discovered in Isreal
  • How to fix Healthcare costs
  • Stop eating Margarine, other countries
  • si habla slow the F down?
  • Quit being so sensitive 
  • Kamala H.
  • Andrew Yang for President?
  • Basic Universal Income
  • NSFW part
  • Mail order dinners
  • Our food is poison (reprise)
  • Hard to stay P.C. 
  • We sing a Megadeth song?


Bob and Derek discuss: (segment times are approximate)


  • Valentines Day 
  • Derek asks Bob his secrets onkeeping a  lasting relationship (15 Min)
  • From Ibanez to Ormsby 1-2 min
  • Guitar talk  (2 minutes)
  • One time at Guitar Center…. (1-2 min)
  • Old Spice has a new flavor (1-2 min)
  • New TOOL  release date? (1-2 min)
  • Bob’s Birthday woes - celebrate your mother on YOUR birthday (1-2min)
  • Chino composes a soundtrack? (<1min)
  • Callout on streaming Seinfeld gets addressed (1 min)
  • Apple streaming service? (1 min)
  • Derek’s Grammy woes (1-2 min)
  • #KTSO! (Knock that SH#T OFF!!) - 3 min. 
  • WARNING - Conspiracy Theory (<1min)
  • Google+ gets Minus’d (2min)
  • MnM Patreon? (1 min)
  • Derek has a request of our listeners (1min)
  • Drone video of a UFO (2-3 min)
  • Maximum Overdrive in Canada (2-3 min)
  • Younger Generation turning to older music (3 min)
  • New Megadeth and New Yngwie Malmsteen? New release hype discussion (3-4min)
  • Jaded musician interviews (2-3 min)
  • Derek and Bob discuss honesty when asked about friend’s music/video work (6-8 min)
  • MnM Disclaimer (10 sec)
  • End Song - Toilet - (don’t know name of the song) Thanks MARK B. and Mikey V.


  • See ya next week! Video version coming soon!






Bob does a few KTSO's

Programmable liquid metal?

Radio Signals from Deep Space

Is there something following the milky way?

What is PMI?

Derek starts planning our Vacay...

end song clip is "Dumb Song" by members of Psychostick - we do not own nor claim to own any rights to the music clip, we just hope they don't get mad at us. 

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